The Saki west local government was created on the 4th December, 1996 by the late General Sanni Abacha led military administration, it was carved out of the defunct Ifedapo local government, which was split into three council areas namely: Saki East, Saki West and ATISBO
Historically, the present Saki West local government was known as Saki district council created on 19th March, 1955.

Geographically the local government is bounded in the east by the Saki west local government, in the north by ATISBO local government in the west by Benin Republic and in the south by Baruten local government of kwara state. The local government covers about 3000 kilometers. The terrain is a bit very rocky as there are mountains and hills within and around the headquarters of the local government.

The area is typical Nigerian local government with various tribes and ethnic groups and other nationals, however the Yoruba’s being the landlords, dominate the area the Igbo and Hausa Fulani’s have their presence registered and they are given chieftaincy titles to make them have a real sense of belonging. Inter marriage has been going on the various communities in the local government.

Saki west local government it has an area of 2,014km2 and a population of 278,002 at the 2006 census population.

Agricultural potentials of the local government area major crops in the area include cassava, yam, pepper, plantain, cashew, pineapple, mango, orange. All of them in large quantity and they abound in the entire local government are. Large quantity of yam (raw) and which is turned to yam flour are taken to Lagos, Ibadan and other part of the country for sale. Some of these farm produce are also sold in large quantity at the Sango weekly market.

The local government had one time or the other embarked on cassava and maize production and presently the local government is having large farm of maize and some cash crops especially cashew
An investor successfully put his/her money in any of the produce either to embark on yam farms, corns, maize, orange, cashew and cassava. There is room for establishment of production of cassava chip or starch production. Yam too can be turned into powder (yam flour) through which unemployment in the area could be refuled.

The major natural resources in the area include rock (mountains) which can be used to establish quarry industries as there is a high demand for gravel and road construction is on high side in the local government area and around.

Some diamond were found around the local government area at Ofiki (Kusa) and there is all assurance that with the nature of maintains and terrains of the area, some undiscovered mineral must have been lying under Neath.

Saw millers and investors in charcoal production are exploiting the forest reserve in the area. Charcoal from Saki west local government has been the major source of cooking for many residents in Lagos, Ibadan, Osogbo, etc.
From some trees in the reserve, we also get raw materials for production of drug, perfume, insecticides, explosives, etc.

Mineral resources potentials of the local government area.

Saki west local government enjoys a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. These are the rainy season (April-October) and the dry season (November-March). Temperature ranges between 210c and 280c with high humidity. The southwest winds and the northeast trade winds blow in the raining and dry (Harmattan) seasons respectively. Tropical forest also exist in this area.

Saki is a land of opportunities which so many untapped resources ranging from human resources to solid materials and agriculture many of these resources are set to be exploited probably because of the unawareness of the product and their uses.

Statistically, the level of exploitation of these minerals is some part of the country is very low while in some other part of the country like Saki west local government, it is not been exploited yet.

There are tremendous opportunities or investment in this area ranging from solid minerals such as limestone for cement factories to diamond and agriculture.
Some of the untapped resources in Saki west local government are coal. Rock that give rise to quarries, aggregates, decoration, jewelry, diamond pots.

Source: Adewole Philip
November, 2019.

Photo credit: #Philips_Photography



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