(A short message from Com. Komolafe, Emmanuel Dare (TOPS SUG President, 2016/2017 Academic Session)

Dear Topsites!
I salute you all today!
It’s been a while I send out this kind of message to you all. And most times, when I get to do this kind of exercise, it is always influenced by the known fact that no matter where you go in life, you must never forget your root! The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki (TOPS) is my alma mater and my home, always proud of it!

In this wise, I have a counsel for you all as you prepare to write your final examination and most especially to you who I believe is strong within but which you consider yourself weak academically, I have come to change your orientation.

I decided to share this kind of secret with you on how to pass examination because no matter how an idea is or how good it is, if you keep it with you alone, it dies with you the day you die and the more reason it is important to let people profit from your wealth of knowledge so we can all make the world a better place.

By the grace of God, I used this secret and it earned me a Distinction from my prestigious department (Public Administration) at the same The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, the first set to be precise when the training from our various lecturers were still strong and hard, all thanks to our able HOD, Mr. Ajayi Kolawole and other lecturers who panel-beated us to what we are today and through this secret, it is still aiding me on how I navigate through life’s daily challenge as I encounter them to surmount. Secrets are what makes life enjoyable to the known and difficult for the unknown. You see, why you cannot fly a plane is because you don’t know the secrets on how to fly a plane. If you know the secret, I bet you, you will fly it!

Dear Topsite, I know of a surety that the only person capable of positioning yourself into success is YOURSELF! How you decide to improve on the little thing that backlogs your life, how you decide to improve yourself on that bad habits that diminishes your worth, how you decide to correct that wrong English even when your friends are laughing you to scorn, vying for better improvement as you work towards perfection, how you decide to walk smart and show yourself as responsible even when you don’t have any food at home like how you might not have eaten yesternight. Hmmmmmmmmn

I was once a student like you. I once trekked from the valley part of Irewole to School under the scorching sun just to ensure that I come out as one of the best. Thank God I did and you can too!

Let me say this to you, you can come out the best too only when you are willing and decide to take responsibility for your life.

What makes a Champion is not only the glamourized prize you earn on the day you are celebrated but the amount of how tenacious you are to achieving your goals in the face of unpalatable circumstances.

In order not to bore you with much motivational talks, I will highlight these principles of success in examination as it pertains to coming out with good grades as it has helped me over the years and I hope it helps you too:

When writing examinations, you must understand that examination is not the only means of determining who you are! If you write or have written an examination in the past and failed, the next time you write, find out why the failure happened in the first place, find the solutions and adopt these findings in your academic life and you will see how tremendous your life would improve & develop. Small here, small there, that’s what makes a man.

When reading, don’t cram! The goal of education is not to necessarily being a must, quote what others have written before you but how you can pick definition from what you have been taught and conceptually explains by yourself what you understand for yourself. You are meant to add to knowledge! If people who’d gone before you had subscribed to old knowledge, how would they have birthed new knowledge?

Believe you will read and remember. Shun depending on anyone in the examination hall. The best help anyone can give you is to explain to you before the commencement of any examination. Once you get into the examination hall, take responsibility for your life and give it your best shot!

Remove anxiety and fear from your heart: Anxiety and fear are one of the main problem people face when writing examination. They don’t want to be called a failure through failed grades. Some also get afraid when they don’t see their friends to sit with which makes them dependent on them. Labour for others too to depend on you. Don’t be baby-sitted. Rise up and let people celebrate you too! Let me say this to you, it will get to a point that people’s help will not be able to take you any farther! Learn to depend on God and yourself, and you will see yourself making discoveries about yourself that you have never known.

Believe you are smart and intelligent: Nothing shows a great way for success than a placed and balanced mindset! You have to develop your mind set on the positivity of your life! Let me tell you, there is no one who does not have flaws! Yeah, you heard me right! Everyone is imperfect in their own ways, only God is impeccable! Your lecturers teaching you does not know it all and also have some ‘negativities’ but one thing successful people do is, they look pass their flaws and concentrate on their positive aspect to take risks that can usher them into success! Your self-esteem is important when it comes to examination or other challenges of life.

When reading, read to understand and attract pictures in your mind’s eye on what you are reading: This technique has helped me so much. When next you read, fellowship with your mind. Endeavour to communicate so well with the inner television in your mind. Have you ever thought of this? That why do I remember films very quickly than my books? It is because you have at the long run learned that habit through the focus you put to it to your mind and making it interesting when watching your movies. As it is, you can switch also all these to your books! There is nothing in books that you cannot read and understand, only if you know how to make these principles workable in you and for you. Words creates images and images can make you learn so well.

Dream with your books! Use your friend or neighbour or any object in your mind trying to explain some things to you and open your heart and mind to be still inside to understand better. Use symbols, use your past experiences/happenings of the past to denote some of what you were taught in School and you will sure remember.

Browse the internet and watch YouTube videos on how to read and understand. When I was a student like you, those were what I was busy downloading and feeding on that changed my life. Secrets! Secrets! Secrets!

Don’t rush when writing examinations: Take your time to read the instructions well and read all the question first before answering. When reading the question, you will discover tipped answers will be coming into your mind. Take a different sheet and jot down the points for development later.

Avoid distraction and tighten your concentration: Do you know how you concentrate when watching those Korean and American film? Concentrate on your books too that way! The way your dad calls you to run an errand for him and you tell him, Sir, please, let me finish this scene/part before going, start doing the same for your books too! Avoid to the maxim distractions like unnecessary gisting, whatsap chatting, mailing and other social media distractions in the course of your exam.

Plan your time! plan your time for reading and the time you will use for social activities! That’s how successful people are borne, that’s how they are made! Do things one at a time, don’t muffle up things together and you will see yourself making impacts in your field.

Pray to God (Pray as if all depends on God and read as if all depends on you): Prayer is key in coming out the best. Prayer is an effective way to strengthen your inner man to be alert to sense signals on strategies to take. When you pray, it’s not a one way traffic. You pray and wait to hear what God has to say. Many of you only pray that you pass without affording to hear from God. Prayer helps you to communicate through divine leading what to do part time. take time to pray before examination, during examination and even after examination. Don’t pray alone when you have not prepared, it might lead you no where! Even the Holy Bible teaches us that “faith without works is death”. Pray earnestly but don’t leave aside your acts/actions that will determine your preparation.

Finally, I congratulate those who are about passing out! There is still time to give your best shot this time around. You can overturn the previous failed reports of yours that you have been known with! And for those who are still behind, who still have some semesters to go, there is enough time for you to do something with your time and life and endeavour to come out the best.

Don’t give up on yourself! Keep developing and making TOPS proud everywhere you go!
Remember, there’s no victory without sacrifice, and there’s no champion without a scar!

I believe in you!

Sincerely from my heart,

Com. Komolafe, Emmanuel Dare (KED) – (Whatsapp & text only)
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